InnKnee™ Original Knee Compression Pad

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Designed to protect knees, promote faster recovery, and improve muscular endurance. InnKnee™ has a unique cross strap design that gives extra support to your knee and preventing the sleeve from sliding down.


Why do I need this?

Your knees need to be protected. Studies have shown that only by walking on the ground, our knees will have to bear the weight up to 3-5 times higher than our actual weight. The long walking journey can sometimes be overwhelmed especially to some aged groups or suffering from knee pain. With this unique 3D knee compression pad, it helps to tremendously reduce the pressure strain of your weight on your knee and meniscus for better protection.

Sizing Instruction

  • Medium: For adults between 100 – 132 lbs (45 kg – 60 kg) .
  • Large: For adults between 135 – 165 lbs (61 kg – 75 kg).
  • XL: For adults between 167 – 187 lbs (76 kg – 85 kg).
  • XXL: For adults between 189 – 231 lbs (86 kg – 105 kg).

Benefits of Using InnKnee™

  • Muscle/Joint Recovery
  • ​Stabilized/Protected Knees
  • ​Increased Performance
  • Performance guaranteed

Product Details

  • Color: Green
  • Size: M / L / XL / XXL
  • Weight: 95g
  • Material: Stretchy Durable Fabric

Pain Relief & Promotes Muscle/Joint Recovery

Compression is proven to promote muscle recovery and injury prevention, our knee sleeve relieves muscle stiffness, extra soreness and offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, pain & discomfort, allowing you to perform at your peak in all situations.

​Stabilized/Protected Knees

Our knee brace delivers targeted compression with moderate support for knees.The best knee support sleeve and knee stabilizer for running, athletics, jogging, cycling, weightlifting, squats, soccer, basketball, volleyball, skiing, tennis, golf, walking, hiking, lifting and yoga, just about any sports and exercise activity!

Adjustable Unique Bi-directional Support

It is created with 3D weaving technology, high elastic soft fabric, and can be adjusted to fit your knee size with 360 degrees protection to cover your knee.

Performance Guaranteed

Designed to protect knees, promote faster recovery, and improve muscular endurance. Our goal is to ensure our knee pain relief products support you on your fitness journey, keeping you on your feet for longer.

Comfortable and Easy to Wear

InnKnee™ Original 3D Knee Compression Pad uses a breathable yet comfortable harness design, which is both easy to put on and remove. It can be worn under any situation. Whether you’re sitting at a computer or standing in the garden, you can wear the InnKnee™ anytime throughout the day.

A Perfect Gift

Notice your friends or members of your family are having a knee pain issue? Buy them this InnKnee™ Original 3D Knee Compression Pad and change their lives forever, everyone will appreciate this amazing gift. Buy more and save more!


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1238 Reviews

Kathryn M.
My sister has a knee injury for about a year and we are constantly trying to find a brace to help. Something that can be put on easy, worn under her jeans and what not. This one is all those things. Its easy to put on, comfortable and performs well.

Sally P.
Love this knee sleeve and plan to get another one. Had 2 partial meniscus tears & had stem cell therapy for it instead of surgery. Had to wear a special brace for almost a year and since I am supposed to start strengthening I needed something to stabilize the knee. This brace moves with me in all of my activities, even when working in the garden, does not slip off or move, there is no binding, and it is wonderful for the support I need. Highly recommend it , and I am a retired Physical Therapist.

Charlie E.
The only con to this product is it only lasted a few months, however, that’s a few months of daily wear while working construction. So really, I don’t know that the quality is subpar. I think the conditions are just that rough. My fiancé works every single day remodeling homes. He is constantly on his knees, getting up and down, etc. He’s had some pretty severe knee pain for a while, but braces seem to help a lot. We have tried many different kinds. Some are okay, some are terrible. This one has been the best!

Courtney M.
This brace tends to slide down a little but it does offer good miniscus support. It feels slightly awkward when it slides after you start running but you get used to it. I was very pleased with this brace when hiking or hunting in steep mountain terrain. If you are looking for a bargain deal that offers good support without breaking the bank then this is it!

Donna W.
It fits as expected. Offers support as well. Like all knee braces, time will tell if it holds the same support or gets worn out fast. For now though, it was a good buy. It wraps the knee cap and supports it.

Dorothy S.
best knee support that I have ever used compared with other ones that doctors recommended. fit my knee nice and tight, and straps the best since give me an other extra support. only problem I fund is that doesn’t comes with instruction of how to used it. I get it!! is a no brainer just look at the picture but I will love to see an picture in the bag.
I’m looking forward to buy the ankle support.

Sam H.
Put the inknee support on as soon as it arrived and I felt instant relief. As if someone was gently but firmly holding my knee joint/ bones in perfect alignment. My orthopedic surgeon had a custom fit brace made for my knee that was very expensive (insurance paid). But i felt after wearing it that it was clunky and hindered my mobility a little bit. This Vitoki knee brace allows me more flexibility of movement and still provides the same support as a custom (metal and Velcro) brace. And since I don’t need to wear a knee brace all the time, this is much easier to fold up and tuck in my suitcase when traveling. Definitely a win-win!

Diane P.
I used these when I do squats with weights so I don’t end up torturing my knee. I see that a lot of the reviews say they roll or they’re too tight? I’m not sure about rolling since I haven’t really walked with these on. Tightness you probably need to order a different size if it is feeling too tight on you. Since the velcro is adjustable if you are wondering what size to get because you are inbetween sizes, just order a size up. For me, the medium is a little big before I adjust the velcro, but once I tighten it it fits perfectly. It does not slip off or move when I workout, and I workout for about an hour everyday. I’ts not the most supportive thing in the world but it is good for the price and helps me out a lot.

Michael K.
My husband recently started playing adult softball and tweaked his knee during one of the practices. I bought this hoping to give him a brace where he can control the support and he loves it! He has worn it to every game and even wears it to the gym.

Todd K.
I should have ordered a size bigger. working in it for 8 hrs (standing) is not a good idea, The support for the knee was great but the circulation to the rest of the leg suffered, wearing it continues for more than 6 hrs might cause discomfort. That’s why I wish or need to order the next size up and that will most likely correct my 6hr limit.

William R.
I bought one, and I bought another! Both have lasted and are in good condition after months of daily wear. I have chronic knee problems. These offer comfortable support and are washable. I also like that they aren’t flesh colored. I am a 5′-6″ and 150 pounds. I purchased size L and can wear it all day without wanting to take it off.

Kimberly M.
I was a bit skeptical when I received my compression brace. But, the thing seems to work, although the model shown in the photo has very thin legs. I ride a bicycle, and have somewhat larger legs than the model. I got the XL size, and it is a bit snug, and I was concerned that it would limit my movement, but it does not.

Ronnie T.
This knee knee sleeve is very comfortable for my entire shift. I work 12 hours often on my feet for most those hours. It provides excellent support and the straps allow me to adjust for exactly where I need the support and how tight I want it.

Robert B.
Works really well and also easy to use. I can put it on myself with no problem and like that it can be worn over or under clothes for different circumstances. I noticed a difference in my posture and back pain really quickly, and highly recommend this to anyone looking for a corrector.

Brad W.
I have really bad knees, more so on the left so I decided to give this a try. This support sleeve is very comfortable except maybe the very top loop, I may have to go up a size so I will try that out. So, this sleeve is made of comfortable, breathable material and it seems that it wouldn’t be too hot while wearing like neoprene does. The straps are connected so there is a very small learning curve on how to get them around your knee and fastened at the top. It’s pretty simple after one or two tries. The Velcro seems to stick well and doesn’t move under stress. For the price, this sleeve is a good value!

Allison P.
I really love this. It felt so good on my left knee that I got a second one for my less painful right knee. I read a review that said the Velcro grabs too tightly, and I agree. It caused pills and fuzziness just from normal use, and the straps tend to grab onto each especially when you take it off or are putting it on. But I simply removed the straps by snipping the threads that held them on and ran a de-piller over the material …… and now I am totally happy. The braces stay up just fine without the straps, but I am not a runner so I cannot say if that would be true for someone who moves more energetically than normal day to day walking around. I got a medium size the first time, and the top rolls down a bit, so I bought a large for my second one, but I am still happily using both of them.

Karen C.
Does exactly what it says. I have been a runner for years and I still like run on the treadmill at the gym. Around my patella(kneecap) was feeling sore. But I wrapped this tightly around as the instructions say to,do and it helped put good pressure so I,didnt hurt when running. I am 5′ 4″ and 124 pounds and I got a medium and it fits good.

Jesus B.
I’ve used a few knee compression sleeves before (Kuangmi is the one I use the most) but this Vitoki looked way more interesting to me). This one has a 4 way stretch strap which makes sure the sleeves won’t slip and gives it as extra compression, I guess similar to kinesiology tape. I use this for brazilian jiu jitsu, and this keeps my knees tight. These don’t slip off during training which I love.

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Additional information

Weight 208 g
Dimensions 21 × 18 × 4 cm

MEDIUM (45-60KG), LARGE (61-75KG), XL (76-85KG), XXL (86-105KG)


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